Live tattooing and piercing by the best artists and piercers in the business.

2018 Artists and Vendors

Artists being added daily


1. American Ink Tattoo Company: Lisa Winfield McGuinness, Eddy Gib, Marvin Stanfill

2. A different Image: Tony Garcia, Kyle Chaney, Quintin (QBall), Bobby Brothers

3. Ink Hub Tattoos and Fine Art: Drew Shurtleff, Leah Shurtleff, Josh Hawley, Jason Pollard, Waymon Thompson, Jeremy Smith

4. Kustom Tattoo Club: Kevin Brandon, Natalie Schultz, Mike “NoTalent”, Brian Roper

5. Scissortail Tattoo Company: Brian Reeves, Mitch Wilson

6. Empire Tattoo: Craig akey, Dustin Sanders, Juan JP Deloera, James Miller, Gases Art

7. ZSR Gallery and Tattoo: Jessi Walden

8. Sun City Tattoo: Joe Bullock

9. Elite Body Art: Michael Lance (Soldier Mike)

10.Temple Body Arts: Nicholas Armstrong

 11.Designer Tattoo: Jerry O’Feery, Lyle Norcott

 12.Crystal Image Tattoo: Johnny Reeves, Chevy Jackson

  13.Ink Envy Tattoo and Body Piercing: Jason Tidwell

  14.freshMade Tattoos and Body Piercing: “Fingers” Figurelli

 15.Inked Up society: Chevy The Artist

 16.  15th st. Tattoo:  Jeff Beardsley,

  17. Novellus Studio: Jason Elliot

 18.El Paso Tattoo: David Hershman

 19. Tornado Tattoo: J Clayton Hughley

 20. Studio Ink: Jimmy Nation, Joko Sandala

 21. Mr. Tank’s Tattoo’s: Josh “Eon” Johnson

2018 Artists and Vendors

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